About Yehuda!

Inspired by the Torah and by his daily life as an observant Jew, Yehuda humbly follows in the footsteps of the menagnim - singers of his people's songs - who have come before him.

He generously shares his gifts and talents with all of Klal Yisrael: the sweet voice, the savvy timing, the love for his audience. His songs touch the pulse of yearning deep within every Jew.

Yehuda learned his stage presence early, singing with his father's simcha band. Both his grandfathers were singers in the Chassidic courts of pre-World War II Klausenberg and Vishnitz. Today, at simchas around the world, people dance to Yehuda's hit songs.

Yehuda is a Yeshiva-educated young man with a mission. He brings together Jews of all kinds, in the spirit of unity and the expectation of redemption.

Whether at private parties or public concerts, Yehuda's fans respond to him with singing and swaying, dancing and laughing. His unique blend of fun, inspiration, and surprise impresses audiences all over the world.

Yehuda!'s concert is more than just a show. It is a genuine Jewish experience in today's ever changing world. It is a solid reminder of our mission and a strong encouragement to continue the destiny started generations ago.

From an inspirational concert to a five star fund-raising event, Yehuda! brings a unique experience that dazzles, excites, entertains and ultimately makes the audience ask for more.

So, let the words end and the music begin. After all, a simple Niggun can work miracles on the soul.